Please consider volunteering your time, knowledge and abilities with the students at High Tech High – North County. Volunteer assistance in schools enriches the educational program, enhances supervision of students, and contributes to school safety while strengthening the schools’ relationships with parents and the school community.

Ways you can support your school. If we all do a little, then we can achieve a lot for HTHNC.


  • Bring food & snacks for events throughout the year
  • Help set up, take down and clean up a PA sponsored events
  • Staff a booth at school events, (selling tickets, serving food, handing out information)
  • Driving for field trips or trip chaperone


  • Coaching a HTH Sports Team
  • Sponsoring a HTH Sports Team
  • Assisting a coach for HTH Sports Team ( cordinating carpools, snacks, team events, team sports communicaiton tools)
  • Providing transportation for HTH athletes to get to and from games

PA Admin & Support

  • Assist with mailings, (folding, stuffing, labeling)
  • Signs & Flyers (designing, printing, posting)
  • Printing & copying services
  • Research (rentals or services needed for school events such as DJ’s & catering)

Corporate Support

  • Provide business internship for student
  • Material donations for classrooms (school needs art and office supplies, equipment, books etc)
  • Obtain donations for fundraising events
  • Advertise opportunities to promote your business

Team Parent 

Team parents are responsible for organizing volunteer efforts, coordinating field trip driving, and anything else that teachers are planning for the school year. Team parents help take some of the load off of the teachers by helping coordinate team room events and projects between teacher to parents.